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The Conference

CSSConf is a conference dedicated to the designers, developers and engineers who build the world’s most engaging user interfaces. The presenters push the boundaries of what is possible — talking about the latest technologies, cutting edge techniques, and tools.

CSSConf 2016 takes the show on the road anew, bringing two days of talks from experts around the community to Boston!

Part of the international CSSconf family

CSSconf Family Since the first CSSconf US in 2013, the CSSconf family has expanded around the globe. All CSSconf organizer teams share the vision of an international, diverse and creative CSS community, for which the CSSconf series offers a platform to meet, hack, share knowledge and build friendships.


Sarah Drasner

Creativity in Programming for Fun and Profit

Sarah Drasner of the venerable CSS-Tricks explains how we can use web platform tools like SVG and WebGL to inspire and imbue creativity into our projects.

Creating engaging products starts with our own fascination. Empowering our users, designing for emotion, and marrying what is useful with what we find intriguing pays dividends for our own fulfillment as developers as well as the people who use what we create. This talk will illuminate some of the ways that we can manipulate code for great effects, with exciting yet practical purposes. We'll talk about data visualization, innovative SVGs, WebGL and immersive experiences, and even subtle cues. We'll explore key differences in our processes, and why innovation in our field starts with opening our minds to new ways of working with code.

Sara Soueidan


Sara Soueidan returns to CSSConf US with practical tips and tricks for using SVG!

SVGs seem great – and are – but widespread use of them can come with pitfalls. This talk will demonstrate ideal use cases and examples focused on getting the best results from SVG, with an emphasis on creating accessible SVGS, because we can't talk about real life without talking about real people and real people are not all using our sites in ideal situations and contexts.

Justin McDowell

Bauhaus in the Browser

Inspired by century-old designs and armed with new CSS features, Justin McDowell brings art to life – and to any size screen!

Until recently, design on the web has been limited to fragile, horizontal, and boxy layouts. Today there are new tools in CSS that can help us breathe new life into stale projects. Some of them are cutting edge, while others are quite mature yet still under-used. This talk is centered around the use of four emerging CSS tools: grid, shapes, transforms, and viewport units, along with others. By the end, attendees will see practical examples of how to mix these tools together and turn them into novel, eye-catching compositions. Attendees will get a showcase of how these new digital techniques can be applied to the web by journeying back to the past—nearly 100 years—to one of the most notable periods in the history of design: Bauhaus modernism. During this period, design was highly influential yet gleefully experimental, with strict geometry, overlapping elements, and rotated text. Attendees will see works by artist Piet Mondrian, typographer Jan Tschichold, dadaist Kurt Schwitters, and metal-worker Marianne Brandt recreated or redesigned on screen, and optimized for the new medium of mobile devices.

Jessica Lord

Nativize Is the New Normalize

CSS and friends are making their way onto the desktop with Electron. GitHubber & Electron team member Jessica Lord shares what you need to succeed when styling in this new paradigm.

Electron is a library that lets you build desktop apps in much the same way that you build web apps: with CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Use the tools you already know and ship one codebase to three platforms—awesome! But when CSS meets the desktop things change. In this new context—the native app—we must think about CSS differently and sometimes write things that would make no sense on the web at all. In this talk we’ll cover the best practices for using CSS to create a native feeling desktop app: the surprising things, the tricks and lest we forget, the perks of designing for just one browser.

Keith J. Grant

Stop Thinking in Pixels

Discover how CSS's relative units and variables can be your secret weapons for creating flexible, responsive layouts – with no media queries!

We tend to like working with pixels. They are constant and easy to understand. But the real power of CSS is found in relative units: em and rem and vw/vh. Their exact meaning is determined with a “late binding” in the browser, where they change depending on their context.In this talk, we’ll unravel the mystery of relative units. I’ll show you how to build flexible designs with simpler code. I’ll cover how to make your design responsive without a single media query. And we’ll dive into one of CSS’s newest tricks: CSS Variables, which offer far more flexibility and control than the SASS/LESS variables you may be used to. Come learn how to stop thinking in pixels and embrace CSS’s late binding of styles.

Jen Kramer

CSS4 Grid: True Layout Finally Arrives

It's been years in the making, but the Grid spec is here! Jen Kramer explains what that means for our designs and for our code.

For years, front-end developers fumbled with hacking floats for layouts, often as part of a grid system. Media queries made these float-based grids more responsive to different screen dimensions, but unfortunately, the behaviors weren't always granular enough to work well with complex layouts. Now with the new Grid specification in CSS4, we can easily define behaviors for each cell in our layouts in two dimensions. When combined with media queries, we can specify where each cell will be placed under a variety of conditions, in horizontal and vertical space. Similarities and differences with Flexbox will also be identified and discussed.

Zach Green

Webpack and CSS

When it comes to CSS, Webpack offers so much flexibility that it can be hard to figure out what, if anything, is the 'right way'. Zach Green's on hand to guide us toward making the best decisions when incorporating it into applications.

Webpack is a powerful tool for writing and loading CSS, and it offers the front end developer a suite of approaches to style authoring. CSS-loader or ExtractTextPlugin? Sass or PostCSS? Locally scoped classes with CSS modules? Multiple entry points? This talk will review (almost) everything CSS-related that Webpack has to offer, and the advantages and pitfalls of each approach. We'll discuss asynchronous loading, text extraction, compilation and transpilation, and more. Attendees will learn how and why Webpack is so great for CSS, and how it helps enable and encourage best practices on the front end.

The Venue: Laugh Boston

We had such a good time at Caroline's in 2015 that we're continuing the tradition at Laugh Boston ! Opened in 2013, this state of the art standup comedy theatre will be our home in Boston's Seaport district, footsteps from downtown.


If you experience any trouble purchasing tickets, please try purchasing them at our dedicated checkout page or get in touch for assistance.

All tickets are non-refundable, but are transferable until the day of the conference. You can transfer the ticket directly using the link you receive when you purchased it, or contact us for help.

Code of Conduct

We believe that everyone deserves a thoroughly pleasant conference experience, regardless of who they are. We adhere to the Bocoup Code of Conduct and expect that all of our speakers, attendees, sponsors, and volunteers will do the same.

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Diversity Scholarship

We are constantly seeking ways to make the web development community broader and more inclusive, and our Diversity Scholarship program, which covers a full CSSConf ticket as well as travel and hotel stay in Boston, is an important part of that effort. The scholarship is open to people who self-identify as part of any group that's under-represented in technology. We invite you to learn more and apply for the scholarship.

If you want to help us extend the reach of this program, you can get the word out to groups and people who'd be interested in applying and attending, or your company can sponsor additional scholarships .

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CSSConf 2016 is a great opportunity to meet and get to know hundreds of the world's top CSS and front-end developers. Whether you're looking to hire developers, promote your product, or just give back to the community, this is the place to be. Get in touch with us to get involved.

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