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Diversity Scholarship

Our mission at Bocoup is to support universal access to information and the tools to understand and transform it. This informs a large part of why and how we operate CSSConf.

We are constantly seeking new ways to make our communities more inclusive. To that end, we are offering 2 diversity scholarships to attend CSSConf! These cover not only the cost of the ticket, but also accommodation and travel to Boston, if needed.

In the spirit of broadening our community, we want to encourage people from under-represented communities in our field to apply. In particular, we would love to see CSSConf become more diverse in terms of ethnicity and gender, as well as welcoming individuals who are members of any other under-represented communities. This may include (but is not limited to), people of color, women, transgender folk, and people of diverse sexual orientation, age, and experience level. We hope this scholarship program can enable you to join us and contribute to our conversation.

If you know anyone that would benefit from this, please share this with them.


Each scholarship covers the following for a single individual:

  • CSSConf ticket: A full ticket to participate in all CSSConf 2016 activities.
  • Accommodation: Three night's hotel accommodation for those coming from outside the greater Boston area for the duration of the conference, September 26th-27th.
  • Transportation: Approximately $700 to the cost of round-trip transport to Boston for those coming from outside the greater Boston area. We do have some flexibility here so do not be deterred from applying even if you are far away.

The scholarship does not include per-diem / food & local transport expenses in the city during the conference.


The deadline to apply for a scholarship was July 5, 2016. We're currently in the process of reviewing the many amazing applications we received, and will be in touch with all those who applied soon.

Sponsor a Scholarship

We’d love to be able to offer more scholarships, and we can do that with your help. If you or your company would be interested in sponsoring a scholarship or three, get in touch with us at for a sponsorship prospectus and to learn more and support deeper diversity in our industry.